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Here in Nevada, about 45 minutes south of Reno, there’s Virginia City. Known for ghosts and old silver mines. Just your ideal, small cowboy and Indian town. Big tourist attraction. Not many people know however that American Flats is just 10 more minutes out of the way if you take a certain dirt road. I don’t know what these buildings used to be, all I know is that they’re still there, their walls being utilized as a canvas to the angry people of my generation. Stepping foot on these strange grounds let’s me realize how much hate is in our society. I’m thankful however that these people can go to a place like this and express themselves so freely. I don’t know if anyone read all this, I hope so. If you have the chance, or the will, to come to Reno, you must visit this place.

steadyasanevergreen asked: I just stumbled across your blog and I am in absolute love!! So gorgeous.

Thanks so much :)